LDHC, with its continued commitment towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and ethical behaviour, has contributed to the economic development and improving the quality of life of internal as well as external stakeholders and the Society at large. The CSR aspects find echoes in the Corporate’s Mission Statement “To execute and operate projects in a Cost effective, Environment friendly and Socio-economic responsive manner”. With this focus, a full fledged Policy on Corporate Social Responsibility has been in place which also incorporates the recommendations as laid down under the “Guidelines on CSR”, issued by Department of Public Enterprises(DPE).

LDHC has undertaken a number of Community Development Initiatives in the areas of Health, Education, Vocational Training Programme, Peripheral Development, Sports & Culture, Employment generation opportunities, Preservation of Nature etc. for the community living in and around the Project. Various other Initiatives is being undertaken like creating Herbal Parks with medicinal value, large scale Afforestation, Catchment Area Treatment (CAT), Fisheries Management, Development of Tourism in the region, Infrastructural developments etc. as envisages in EMP

Most importantly, LDHC has empowered millions of rural poor in the surrounding communities through Education, Vocational Training Programmes, Adult education Programmes, Health Care, promoting Sports & Culture etc. which have led to significant socio-economic development in the vicinity of project.